Pony legs. This is how you draw them.

Sorry I just…

I’ve seen this mistake SO MANY TIMES, even in rather popular pony blogs, and it just makes me cringe because anatomy in a horse does not work like that. It would literally break the leg backwards for it to even do that, and I just can;t help but think of the agonizing pain of the leg being bent the wrong way like that.

It’s hard to explain how the anatomy works in words, though. But in horses, front legs are faced like human legs. Chop off the back of the horse and it would look like it was walking like a very high stepped proud person on tiptoes.

The back leg is way harder to explain. You know that top bend? Think of the rounded part as an ankle. That’s right, an ankle. The whole long part of the leg is more like one long foot and the hoof is the toes. The knee is actually up in that area that looks like the thigh. Think of it as someone with REALLY short legs but REALLY long feet attached.

so, bending the legs back like that is like taking your ankle and pulling it to face backwards.

I hope this makes sense and helps any potential pony artists out there.

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