beguilingblackness asked: I stopped understanding long ago. There's Discord Whooves; I'm following that. There's the Master blog, which I acknowledge but don't follow. There's the Ditzy Doo blog and a new Torchwood blog, and now there's a channel on YT that has dubs of all sorts of parralell dr Whooves stories featuring an evil valeyard expy, killing Twilight and doing stuff with Octavia. TOO MANY BLOGS! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! HALP! Where can I find a list with these blogs so I can sort them out in my head?!

Just… Just consider the MAIN one is Discord Whooves, Master goes in to world details in the Storyline mode, and the rest are alternates or side stories. Lovestruck Derpy can go fine on her own, she’s a prequel but also a stand-alone blog.

Okay hold on Main Side Prequel Background/Other Canon to world Alternate/???? Connected to Zerum Connected to Zerum/Master of Zerum Branched from Discord Whooves  Branched, small background info

????????????????- Secret Blog, No details on it’s continuity to the others

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