new brush test


Will this work? What do you guys think?

  1. trueknowerofevil answered: Will this work? I think the question should be HOW it wouldn’t work, it’s perfect for zerum.
  2. thekowalskicore answered: yes
  3. comet-crasher answered: Looks nice.
  4. darkdasher answered: Love the pencil look it really fits this little cutie
  5. ask-lillian answered: Yes. ^ ^
  6. sireswordmod answered: I like it, it kinda fits with Zerum better.
  7. theloneponyboy answered: It will work.
  8. elizajeanb answered: I think I will work, it looks decent enough
  9. 1998apples answered: yes
  10. zero-occupancy answered: I personally think it looks a little chalky around the edges, the lines seem to broken as if being drawn on very coarse paper.
  11. genericamericano answered: Looks like it’s made with Crayons
  12. meckapie said: not a fan
  13. a-meddling-moderator answered: I like the old style, unless you’re going for the “cave drawings” look.
  14. mycrazyponyblog answered: Oh my goodness! I love it!
  15. storyboardist answered: Seems to sketchy
  16. minniemig answered: YES
  17. amissdarkwitchblog answered: yup it looks good
  18. swirlypinkswirl answered: Ooh, I like it :3
  19. maravex answered: Very nice, I’d say it works!
  20. ombreh answered: it works great!
  21. sketchtheartist answered: I Like it
  22. the-bigmac-inator answered: ZERUM’S SAD FACE=TOO CUTE
  23. lantearia answered: I definately like it~ It looks great~ :D
  24. redundant-momo-peach answered: yes
  25. philosophydragoncat answered: It’s actually really good.
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